Students are instructed how to properly and safely reload metallic cartridges, both handgun and rifle in this hands-on class. Students will develop 5 loads, load the ammo in the class and fire them in their own guns under the watchful eyes of the instructors. This is an NRA 8 hour certificate course.

  • Class is 8 am to 5 pm, lunch is provided
  • Two books, the NRA Guide to Reloading and The ABC's of Reloading are included with the tuition
  • Components to load 100 rounds are provided
  • Students bring their own gun to shoot the reloads they create
  • New Lyman single stage equipment is used to insure students understand each step of the reloading process
  • The calibers we are equipped to reload in classes are: 9mm, .38 spec., .357 mag, .40 S&W, 10mm, .44 spec., .44 mag, .45 ACP
  • Please let us know which caliber you would like to reload for so we can be sure to have enough equipment for each student.
  • NRA Certificate awarded upon successful completion of this course.